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Sigrid Herler received her education at the State Institute of Art in Austria, where she specialized in sculpture.
During her summer breaks, she took part in various restoration projects, honing her skills in fresco and stucco techniques. With the opportunity to participate in a cultural exchange program with a school in Rome, she spent a week before the exchange doing an internship in stone processing.

Her hard work paid off when she won 2nd prize in an outdoor sculpture competition at her Austrian school with an abstract wooden sculpture. During her time in Rome, she shifted her focus to painting, exploring light, color, and transparency. Her art reflects the urban solar atmosphere of the city she was becoming familiar with through her experiences and trips around the city.
She also dabbled in installations, incorporating lights into her works to create pieces that involved space, light, and color. Her transparencies displayed uniform trends, creating a harmonious and cohesive installation.

As an artist, I am deeply interested in the intersection of art and technology. The art world is constantly evolving, and I believe it is important to stay informed about the latest developments and trends, especially when it comes to technology. That's why I wrote a blog on my artist website about art, technology, and web3.

I believe that learning about these topics is crucial for artists who want to remain relevant and competitive in a rapidly changing landscape. By exploring new technologies like web3, I can expand my creative horizons and discover new ways to monetize my work.

In addition, I see the blog as an opportunity to educate and inform others in the art community about the impact that technology is having on the art world. I want to share my knowledge and insights, and help foster a greater understanding of the role that technology plays in art.

Ultimately, I believe that writing about these topics on my artist website is an important way for me to stay connected to the art world, and to help shape the future of art and technology.

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